As seen by Val

Rose is the number uno founder of this amazing boutique platform. Rose is the most awesome sista to work with as she ticks many boxes being a very inspiring, smart, warm, talented, funny and always energetic little sexy boss managing it all… whether it is a great speech, a technical discussion, a way too complicated excel sheet or a new cooperation and always finding new ways to go fashionably forward! Her ambition is to maintain and create the very best boutique webshop for women who are too busy to stroll the streets as often as they ‘d liked to and who don’t want to miss out on any inspiration, service and latest trend of the cool shops. Rose is inhuman when it comes to estimating what is possible, and what is not… MAYBE  IT IS VERY VERY SOMETIMES NOT POSSIBLE ROSE?? She will always go for it and give it all. And she always looks way too fab. Grrrr. Poor me. XX Val

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As seen by Rose

Val is the best creative partner in crime. We launched the platform together and while I take care of business developments she makes sure things look good. She is our own most critical client so there is always -every day- room for improvement. She believes in better, easier, prettier, faster, nicer. She has an annoyingly focused eye for very tiny yet apparently very important details. She says things other people don’t say. Which is often f*cking funny, interesting and rarely a bit awkward. Never boring though. We laugh every day, on good days and on bad days we wet our pants too. Whenever we have a business trip Val makes sure we’ve booked the hottest places, preferably on the guest list. Me, the business brunette and she a bright idea blonde form a great duo penotti combi. We work hard, and tend to play even harder. X Rose

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