Personal Shopping

Would you like to make a change in your wardrobe or are you looking for a new outfit? Update your closet with the best basics, business sets or festive summer looks. Our experienced stylists will provide you with style advice, inspiration and personal tips regarding colour, shape and style.

OU. offers the Personal Shopping Service in all OU. Boutiques: Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Haarlem.

Personal Shopping at Ou. Boutique Stories

Like your favourite products on the website and make an appointment in one of our boutiques. The stylist will prepare your selection in store and adds some finishing touches with inspiring combinations and styling. We make your shopping experience easy, fun and special. The shopping service is entirely non-committal. Book a styling session and experience yourself!

How does it work?

  1. Create an account or log in if you already have an account.
  2. Like your favorite products on the website by clicking the heart shaped icon (at the bottom right of the product at the product page), these products will be added to your wishlist.
  3. Fill in the form below and our stylist will contact you to schedule the appointment. Note: the appointment can take place from 2 days after registration. This way we have enough time to prepare your product selection.

Enjoy shopping like a star!

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