The flared jeans is thé jeans to make your legs look endless and to make your outfit look chic and casual all in one. Combine your flared with heeled boots and a blouse with some knitwear above it. Finish your outfit with a hat for that real fashionable look and because it’s always good to protect your hairdo from the pouring rain or the bright sunbeams. October it is.

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Next to the fact that DJ Emanuelle knows how to throw a good party she also knows very well how to dress for one. This pretty velvet jumpsuit is definitely party-material and looks good both with boots and heels. So, let’s get this party started?

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Who could not love this fluffy camel coat? And not to mention the happy oversized top underneath it that shows everyone you’re a real fashionista. We think Carine Roitfield would be jealous, fur real.

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We couldn’t wait for the temperature to fall down when we spotted this Baum und Pferdgarten coat. The mix of the fabrics and the olive colour are only a few of the reasons why it became one of our favourite winter items. You won’t get through the colder days without this one!

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Other trousers that make you look fashionable immediately is the culotte. And when it’s leopard-printed as well you know we’re talking about a real eye-catcher. This catchy Amatør culotte is perfect for your daily meetings or coffee dates when you combine it with sneakers and a sweater above it. But when combining it with a pretty top and a good pair of heels underneath we’re talking about some real good date- or party material.

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And the leopard-story continues. Talking about real eye-catchers: it’s impossible to not get noticed when wearing this leopard-printed blazer. Watch out everyone, because the leopards obviously don’t only belong in the zoo anymore.

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