OU. lala. Last week we celebrated the opening of our newest Boutique Story: OU. the Pijp. Can we do it again? Please. Every Friday? We will show you around, but it's better to pop by yourself very soon! Anyway.... Welcome to our new shop and please enjoy a cocktail by Mr. Copperhead: next level gin and tonic according to us. When a delicious drink comes out of a fabulous shiny glam bottle, it tastes even better. So it is a great gift too and a spot on interior shiner as well. Why don't shop a gold trolley with a few bottles for the upcoming festive season? Success guaranteed. Shop here!


As you look around please enjoy a small smooth friend from the sea, served by our fave  'boutique neighborhood resto': Brut de Mer. Situated right across our new shop, this is the seafood style gem where we go to. Too often. So great to have them in our place, for a change.

The bubbles and wines are served by the best wine bar in Pijp town: Wijnbar Boelen. This restaurant -and wine bar in one- has always been here, at the main spot with the best view at the 'Gerard Douplein'. The cozy place is still going strong with the best heated terrace, highly (!) culi dishes and dangerously delicious wines served by charming host Martijn. Chin chin. Try their High Wine too or book a table to wine and dine. back to OU. and enjoy the tunes of DJ Juliette form Girls love DJ's and groove into the OU. vibe with us....


Chatting, unwrapping gifts, saying hello and drinking. And drinking and drinking,... makes you feel like a lil' bite. That is why The Hen House flew in and served great fresh crispy wraps! A little yummy bite that does the job of serving a small meal as well. Perfect party food!

Look at us with the girls from Fashion Agency 'New Market'. Serving us the nicest gifts, their stylish presence and always the coolest brands: Leon & Harper, Baum und Pferdgarten, G.H. Bass, Reiko and Dante 6. You understand why they are vips... and we like them.


And there have a cosy ensemble seat with Ruben, the Italian (looking?) boy that always brings us hot Yeez Louise Tees and never arrives without two bottels of Champ. So yes we love him, and yes Ruben: now you can never stop this lovely habit.... And there we have dj Jama in faux fur.... Who says OU. is for women only? On the right we see Mimi from jewel label Mimi et Toi and next to her Joni from another favo OU. brand: Amator. And down below is that a picture of bitterballen?


All these lovely people discovered the newest foodie bite hit of the year. The Bieterbal aka the New Bitterbal. We all wish for Dutch bitterballen at the end of the week. But we don't want to eat dead (for ever) leftover chunks or animals squeezed into them. So that's why we would like to tell the Pijp, Amsterdam, the Country and the Planet: WE DISCOVERED THE BEST THING EVER: think guilt free bitterballen and meet The Bieterbal! It's a bitterbal with beetroot inside. It's magic. Yummy and healthy. The bieterballs came with the cutest lil' food truck right in front of the Boutique to serve them. Lot's of them. And they were SO very finished at the end of the party. Everybody should embrace these boutique balls soon! Click here to enjoy!

Bisous and see you soon at OU. Gerard Doustraat 95

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