Voila, C.O.Q. Hotel Paris, our Hotel Gem in the French Cap, exposed to all of you! Because this sleeping secret should be shared amongst all of you stylish city trippers with boutique wishes. At the check-in we got a smile on our face that lasted longer than the stay. The interior is just incredibly fabulous! High-end design materials in the mix with vintage books, birds, cool neon expressions and urban jungle greens. It's chic and luxurious, yet cozy and homey. Parfait! Rose always jumps on the bed first, ruining the sheets for further pics ;-) But okay, she gets away with it wearing this pretty green velvet blazer with gold details by Fabienne Chapot, with a golden top by Ba&sh and -to casual down the look- a cool denim pair by Mother underneath. Valerie found herself a better spot at the bar, wearing a black leather 'sort of mini' skirt by Second Female (that looks longer when standing up!) and a hand-knitted jumper in green and black by Tricot Pop.



Who would ever want to leave this place? C.O.Q. has the perfect hangout spots. Look at that cute bench with these cozy cushions, art books & design magazines! This 'lobby look' looks pretty comfy too with these winter proof Billi Bi boots...  Easy leopard leggings by Love Stories and a cool knit with red/orange stripes by Baum und Pferdgarten.


But chop chop.... cow cou... on y va....we need to explore, see and be seen ;-) Rose goes for noir et blanc by Polder Paris, as this is our most funky Paris brand for pretty materials and surprising cuts: wide white pants & a black short hairy jacket make a rocking combi pour le Soir.



Wandering through town in THE Leopard faux fur IT coat for Fall/Winter. It looks city-cool for days in sneakers and nights on heels. It feels like the softest blanket that you don't want to take off. The orange/coral colored sleeve-ends details give it that luxury level you can always expect from our favorite boutique label Baum und Pferdgarten.



A girl has got to eat. And drink. Two girls even more... OU.? Bamboo baby! And that is where you should book next time as well. A heated patio garden filled with very nice people sipping sexy cocktails and enjoying delicious Asian plates. Wow. What a lil' surprise in the middle of town. The venue has an impressive interior as well. So an indoor or outdoor dinner party is guaranteed! Rose in a white stunner coat by Pomandère and a fabulous handbag by our Parisian girl Mimi et Toi. Val is wearing a black long classic coat by Giacomo. With heels by Rabens in powder pink velvet. Mais Oui...

Psst. Rose is wearing a dress by Ba&sh and Vallie going a-symmetrical with a dress by Baum und Pferdgarten, we just decided the pics of those were too spicy ;-)



And after a heavy night one calms down for a delicious breakfast and a lil' read at our new number 1 boutique hotel: C.O.Q Hotel Paris. Rose wearing happy yellow by Second Female with an - I am a classy French type and I did not boire too much yesterday- Pomandère hat. Yes that's a great appearance investment people. Vallie going for a read, looking fab in a Red Army dress by Amator for another day of work and pleasure combined....


Haute Spots we love and recommend in Paris:

C.O.Q Hotel Paris to sleep

Restaurant Bambou to dine

Experimental Cocktail Club for after dinner drinks (walking distance from Bambou)

Cafe Charlot for breakfast or all day coffee

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