Hello you lil' animal trapped in a human body... You may not bark or meow.... But you are still a tiger to us. It may be clear that we love animals and love the colors of flora and fauna in our everyday life. When the jungle seems far away in our city apartments or at the office, we simply implement nature's beauty in our homes, workplace or outfits. Leopards, peacocks, elephants and flamingos. Yes please. On our plates, cups, corks, cushions, coats, blankets and toilet bags!

Shop our animal faves right here. These are great gifts for that best fauna friend or for you, tiger.

  1. Sushi plate, Catchii

  2. Leopard Shoes, Anniel

  3. Faux Fur Pink Coat, Jakke

  4. Leopard Bra, Love Stories

  5. Flamingo Cup, Catchii

  6. Iphone cover Lion, Cool Stockholm Collection



Yes baby, let's go back to nature with these beastie best-sellers. The El Tigre Sweater is our fastest running wild one. We had 'em sold out within 2 days and are happy to have a few more back in stock. It's a blogger's beast, not to be missed in a wild winter wardrobe! What about staying grounded with these zebra glitzy feet by Anniel? And don't forget the best mini gift you bring with a bottle of wine? The Elephant cork in brass! We love it shining in the middle of the table in between candles and smiles.

  1. Toilet Bag Nana Giraffe, A La
  2. Grey Zebra Glitter High, Anniel
  3. Breakfast Plate, Catchii
  4. Sweather El Tigre grey, Yeez Louise
  5. Bottle Stopper Dhana Elephant, A La


Why will the leopard print never go out of fashion? Why does it make you feel so strong and powerful? And sexy? Because that is what this print communicates to your inner animal. You can't help it. So swing on a leopard coat and rule the World! Roaaarrrr! And don't forget these cute little brass card holders for names or important messages. So useful! And what about the best selling Leo flats by Anniel? Have you ever seen an animal on heels? No duhuh, only humans are that crazy ;-)

  1. Parrot Hook Ruana Brass, A La
  2. Camel Leopard Low, Anniel
  3. Coat Brooke Colour Block Leopard Mix, Jakke
  4. iPhone Cover Lion Black, Cool Stockholm Collection
  5. Card Holder Leopard Qimat, A La
  6. Bowl Beetle, Catchii