BOUTIQUE OU.? ICI in the Pijp!


No need to hop a jet far away for serious boutique shopping...We opened a brand new OU. in the most charming boutique shopping street: The Gerard Doustraat in Amsterdam. Infuse Parisian romance and London preppy into your wardrobe with these new fashion finds. Have a first peek and get inspired by our As Seen with Val & Rose at our newest OU. Boutique De Pijp! See & shop you later at Gerard Doustraat 95.2blog



Come and discover over 60 brands from all over the World, mixed, styled and matched in our fave boutique style. Checked into the cool suit with a Tigre Tee or add flat black booties to stay cool in the cutest dress. Bring the boyfriend too, as we will sit him down on a red velvet chaise longue, so you can have a loooongue shopping session... all in peace while we pour him some Copperhead Gin from our golden trolley. Which you can ride straight home because ofcoursy it’s shoppable too!


OU. La La l'alert!

Add this new black beret to your look, to top it off like Rose does and what about a leo long skirt with a soft basic jumper. And what about Val’s stripey suit...? It seriously suits all purposes! Whether you are carrying a laptop or discoball. Invest once, look awesome many times. And be quick as it’s a bestseller already: the starry party piece by Amator!

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Sometimes all ingredients come together into a lovely meal. Well, bon apetit mes amies. Stripes, leopard, wool, white teddy and the new stunner handbag by Leon and Harper. We are so happy it comes in deux couleurs otherwise it would be Rose ou Val, now they both have a new lil' lover on the hip...

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Or golden woman... whateva. Looking awesome keeps you young. So better bring your ID when you are planning to wear this layered checkered skirt and another bff seller: the new American Vintage large sleeved jumper that is just: OU.! Get it before its gone with the bloggers.9blog

OU. Pijp OU.VERTURE PARTY10blogGrand Merci to the empowering party partners:

Wijnbar Boelen * Brut de Mer * Mr Copperhead

* The Hen House * The Bieterbal

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