Launching OU.'s Organic Planet Collection

Each Sweater comes with a protected m² of planet

OU. joins EarthToday to help protect the planet and help change the future of the world in an original positive way. EarthToday is a community of changemakers on a mission to protect 50% of the planet by 2050. On EarthToday.com everybody can help, join and protect m². OU. gives you 1 m² when you buy a Planet Sweater. Your very own exact piece of planet with certificate.
foto-blogpost-1When you buy one of the limited edition sweaters in organic cotton, you will automatically be offered 1 m² of protected planet on your name.
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  1. LOVE the planet to help it blossom like a flower

  2. PROTECT the planet and claim your m²

  3. Make the planet YOURS and join EarthToday



  1. Buy a OU. Planet Sweater
  2. Receive an email by OU. with a personal link to EarthToday.com
  3. Claim your unique 1 m² on EarthToday via link


EarthToday is a mind-blowing, heartwarming new movement with a huge mission and such high potential that this will be big guys. And good. Be a part of this!
With your sweater you get your very own protected 'uon' = unit of nature (1 m²) sustainably protected. Which you can claim, visit and keep via EarthToday.com But you can do more. If we can protect half of the planet by 2050, we, and our children can keep living here peacefully.
There is a whole new world out there. For more info please check out EarthToday.com or OU.'s planet place at EarthToday.com/boutiquestories



Note: OU. is a small boutique fashion company working with small productions nearby in small factories located in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Turkey. But even so this new teaming up with EarthToday makes us even more aware and conscious to work with organic materials, recycled boxes and reusable plastics. We produce high quality pieces that will last and are good for second lives. Still we like to team with an initiative like @joinearthtoday to give back, compensate and be part of this incredible journey towards a healthy planet.
Thank you, Val & Rose



More of EarthToday

EarthToday is community of change makers who work together to increase awareness on the state of the planet and accelerate nature protection on a global scale.
Their mission is to protect 50% of the planet by 2050. On EarthToday.com everybody can help and join and protect a piece of planet for €1,20 per m². OU. gives you 1 m² when you buy a Planet Sweater.
This way we can make a start with the great ambitions green move. EarthToday took care of a planet-wide-crowdfunding system so we are all able to join and protect. This allows us to buy back the planet, meter by meter.
For every m² you get a unique digital proof of protection registered under your name. The geo location of this protected m² is marked with a flag and visible online at all times. The m² is being protected by the Union of Nature, an international cooperation of recognized and established organisation of nature protection and for every m² protected via EarthToday a new m² in will be added to the protected area. That is the special growth factor of the protection plan. Let's cover the precious planet with a green and blue blanket in a domino effect. Protect your very own piece of planet in Brazil, Zimbabwe, Portugal, Argentina or even in Brabant. Trading your land with other members is another possibility. Meet members and get inspired by nature heroes all over the world on the platform filled with amazing content #JoinEarthToday EarthToday.com/protect.