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A POOLSIDE STORY is not just clothes, shoes and bags. It’s a story, a stylish one, at the pool. Inspired by the book ‘Poolside with Slim Aarons’ who photographed the attractive jet set in the sixties and seventies, doing attractive things at their attractive pools with tanned skins, happy smiles, delicious bellini’s, interesting conversations, backgammon games, singing humming birds, striped parasols and their colorful simple stylish summer looks. Polkadots, stripes, colors and prints. Yellow, red, lilac, green and pink.

Well, hello darling, what can I get you? 


Val and Rose mixed these lovely elements, colors and shapes with their own ‘OU. DNA’ and created a collection of 12 high summer pieces. Complete sets with shoes and bags, that fit a small vacay suitcase perfectly. So you are good to go on holiday or to any summer event, from a park picnic to a day at the pool, a wedding or a garden party, we’ve got you all stylishly sorted. We cannot describe how happy we are that you can create your own summer story with these amazing pieces. Because... A good story starts with a great outfit. 

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Val and Rose were inspired by these amazing pictures and style from the vintage happy jetset. Back then they knew how to enjoy themselves at a poolparty with a drink, a smoke, a big dinner with gluten and without SPF, instagram or any kind of tech stress. They arrived at the villa and were there to mingle and have fun in the here and now. “Once upon a time, life was not better, it was different. Once upon a time everything was optimism because nothing bad was for you. The 1960s and the 1970s ? Sexy as the Sun.” The jetset was free and changed the fashion rules: “Fashion stopped being clothes and became a value, a tool, a way of life, a kind of symbolism, it became, fashion as ‘human packaging’”, William Norwich, 'Poolside with Slim Aarons'.


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A Poolside Story

To wear, read and enjoy…  at the Poolside

Let’s meet at the Pool for a laugh, a dive, some gossip, a cocktail and a story. A POOLSIDE STORY promises a real story. So especially for this summer collection we have something for you to entertain you at the pool: a mini-poolside-thriller written by Linda Samplonius, to be enjoyed while wearing your polka dot playsuit, laying in the sun. Beware even though the tiny book looks all pink and cute. It is a thrilling story to be swallowed with a cocktail ;-)

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You receive this booklet automatically as a gift when you shop the collection A POOLSIDE STORY (with a minimum spend of €150) or order an extra booklet as a small summer gift for your best friend. One thing: it is in Dutch. We are sorry for our international clients. Next story will be written in English. Promised.


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The fashion collection is produced in Italy, the shoes are produced in Portugal and Spain. The production companies are chosen for their quality, their way of work and their reputation to produce items that are here to stay.

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We really hope you like our first collection, we worked hard for this but LOVED doing so. We can honestly say 'designed with lot's of effort but even more LOVE' in Amsterdam. We have been in fashion for over eight years now, we started with 9straatjesonline and now we have our own Boutique Fashion platform curate over 40 boutique brands worldwide and own four amazing OU. Boutiques. We are proud to run this COUL company with more than thirty amazing OU. girls. So it was about time to create our own ultimate summer wishlist. To design the pieces we know you want, the items we missed, the things we really want ourselves. So here it is for you to read, see, wear and enjoy!

 Bisou. Rose & Val